Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frick & Frack

If you knew Kate and I in college, we were lovely known as Frick and Frack because we were ALWAYS together. Well...a few years later and is shouldn't surprise you that we are still great friends and both about to become moms. We have had a great time being pregnant at the same time! It's crazy how fast time is flying by, it seems like we were just sharing our first trimester aches & pains. A few weekends ago, I went to Kate's baby shower in Ft. Wayne. We had a great time celebrating Baby Boy Greene. It was also wonderful to catch up and actually see each other in person.
I know you can't tell from the picture but Kate is due March 17th and I'm due April 9th.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!

Well, it has been a year since the last time I updated the terrible is that!? Matt and I had a wonderful 2009!
We finished the school year and another baseball season strong. Matt's team didn't make it as far as they were hoping in the postseason but are optimistic and excited for the 2010 season. This past summer was busy but wonderful. Matt and I went on a missions trip to New York City. We spend three day working on the New York City Relief Bus, feeding the poor/homeless and helping people make connections with any resources they needed. We also spent a few days in Las Vegas, taking in the sights, a little gambling and watching some shows. Matt's family had a summer get together at his parent house. It was good to get together with his sisters and all the nieces and nephews.
This fall our school year started a little different that years past. I found out I was pregnant on the first day of school! As a result, our fall was full of doctors appointments, sleeping, house projects, eating, and more sleeping. I have been truly blessed with an easy pregnancy, no sickness, not too tired, and very minimal discomfort. Matt and I decided not to find out if Baby C is a boy or girl, so we'll find out in April.
I promise to do much better at keeping this blog updated. I know there are friends and family that want to keep up-to-date on Baby C. So, stay tuned for pictures.
We hope you all had a great 2009 and a wonderful start to 2010!