Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baseball Season Has Arrived

Spring is finally here and with it comes baseball! Matt is very excited for this year as everyone is returning from last season. The Fisher High School Tigers are currently 2-1 on the season and have three more games this week. For those of you who would like to keep updated on the FHS baseball team or for a schedule of games, I have added the link for your convenience.
Some may be wondering where this leaves me...well I try to make every home game (if the weather is above 60 degrees and not raining). So, anyone looking for someone to go to dinner with, catch a movie, go for a walk, get a pedicure...please feel free to give me a call. :) If you are planning on coming to a FHS ball game give me a call and I'll save you a seat!
Happy Baseball Season!
Go FHS Tigers! Go Chicago Cubs!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Confessions of a terrible blogger!

Well...what do you know, another two months have passed and no update on The Cherry Blog. I must confess...
1. Although I do not update my own blog I religiously check for updates on all of my friends and families. Sometimes on a daily occasion. I look forward to hearing about the happenings in other people lives and seeing the updated pictures.
2. I really do not like to blog unless I have pictures to add to my blogging AND that leads to the fact that I almost never take pictures. So, you see the pictures, no blog.I will attempt to update the last few months, with the few pictures that I do have. THEN, I will try to do much better at updating our blog so that those of you that check ours religiously will not be so disappointed!

So, enjoy the updates below...with pictures. :)

Wrigley Update

3 months 6 months

Updating our blog would not be complete without giving the update on Wrigley. She has grown a lot this winter...she is now tipping the scales at just over 60 pounds and doesn't look like she is finished growing yet. Wrigley graduated from the novice class in January and is now in the advanced class on Wednesday nights. We are hoping to have her tested for the Canine Good Citizen certificate which will allow her to go into schools and nursing homes to be used as a therapy dog. I'm not sure that she is quite ready for that as she is still all puppy and would much rather play with people than sit still and have them pet or brush her.

Good Bye Dome!

Matt and I were able to get tickets to the Colts vs. Chargers playoff game. We had fantastic seats...8th row! Some of you may have seen us in the crowd, as we got face time on camera. Although the game did not turn out like we had wanted, it was wonderful to be apart of the last game in the dome. We look forward to the games in the new Lucas Oil Stadium.