Sunday, September 30, 2007

My New Home

I heard from my owners that many of you are wondering how we are getting along and what I've been up to during my first two weeks with Mom and Dad. Well, things are going GREAT! I have had so many "firsts" over the past week or so. One night, I saw this puppy in the followed me! When I sat, it sat and when I turned my head, it turned its head. So finally I just gave my best growl and barked for the first time! Mom and Dad started laughing, they said it was a reflection...whatever that is. I'm hoping I have scared it away for good. I have been enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten and my first class is next Saturday. Mom and Dad have been working hard with me on sitting, down, and come. They keep calling me Wrigley...I'm learning that is an important word to know. I have also been going in this thing called a car. We end up at fun places once I get out...a park by the river, some friends' houses, a playground, baseball practice and some kids sporing events. Last week I became friends with the neighbors Rottweiler, Delta. We have become fast friends and go on nightly walks together. I know it's only been two weeks but this is the best home ever and I'm loving my new house and family!

Wrigley (I think) :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome Wrigley

Matt and I have added a new member to The Cherry Family...Wrigley! Yes, after the Chicago Cubs, if you ask Matt her middle name is Field!
We have survived our first week of being "parents" and so far so good. She doesn't whine at night and loves to be near us when she is awake. Our first week together has been full of new things! Wrigley had her first vet appointment, a bath, her first walk on a leash, and found her reflection in the sliding-glass door. This provided much entertainment for Matt and me as she watched herself turn her head, walk back and forth and eventually barked at her reflection. Wrigley has been the hit of the neighborhood! It's so funny how a puppy can have complete strangers coming up and talking to you (I'm guessing it's much like a new baby). Anyway...Matt and I have met more people in our neighborhood in the first week with Wrigley than in the two years we have lived here. I just wanted to post a few pictures for those of you that have not seen her yet. Enjoy! She's a cutie!