Monday, January 7, 2008

December Update

OK, so I'm not the best at keeping this thing updated but it is something I'm hoping to work on this new year. This blog is an attempt to catch you up to date on The Cherry family...ENJOY!

*Matt graduated from Purdue with his masters in Sports Pedagogy and Administration. This was also the weekend of the first big snow storm! We had a great time in West's a beautiful place in the winter. Arni's was WONDERFUL as usual. This was also Wrigley's first weekend away from us, she spent the night at The Good Dog Hotel & Spa. I think it was harder on us than her. :)

*Matt and I were fortunate enough to be invited to many Christmas parties with friends and coworkers. It's always great to slow down and enjoy time together during this crazy time of the year.

*I believe Matt and I calculated 8 Christmases between our two families. We spent a week in Michigan being lazy, catching up on Hollywood dirt by reading People Magazines, and enjoying home cooked meals. There's just something about food made by someone else that makes it taste better. We also spent 4 days in New Castle with Matt's family. It was great to see how the nieces and nephews have changed since the summer. It was also wonderful to catch up with Matt's sisters who have both moved states in the last 8 months.

*Wrigley has been enrolled in the novice class at First Friends. So far so good on the training!

*I have finished another class towards my masters at Indiana Wesleyan University. If all goes well, I "should" be graduating next December.